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  Participating Servers

Tracking 9,040 players (+11 new players last 24h) with 1,927,435 kills (+3,698 last 24h) and 153,930 headshots (7.99%) on 1 servers

 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
l4d2 BLITZ-KRIEG.NET [COOP] (Join) c2m3_coaster 22:05:11 0/24 1,927,435 153,930 0.0799
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
  Daily Awards (Sunday 17 Nov)

Adrenaline Junkie ChileEddy (52 adrenaline shots used)
AK-47 ArgentinaCmdt. nenØ ツ (269 kills with the AK-47)
Akimbo Assassin United statesZay-Zay (15 kills with Dual Pistols)
Ammo Saver United statesCola - ♫ (46 kills with Pistol)
Automation PeruChapel Perilous (La Sanadora)® (251 kills with Auto Shotgun)
AWP RussiaApollon (934 kills with awp)
BANG Headshot. MexicoBlancrystal (20 kills with the Frying Pan)
Batter Up! Philippinessses dimaala (14 kills with the Baseball Bat)
Black Scottish Psyclops MexicoQC10_^w^ (34 kills with the Grenade Launcher)
Boom!    No Award Winner
Brain Salad RussiaApollon (149 headshot kills)
Bumrush Thwarter RussiaApollon (98 killed Chargers)
Burger Tank    No Award Winner
Chain Smoker    No Award Winner
Cheerio. PeruKenny (9 kills with the Cricket Bat)
Chrome Shotgun SingaporeDreaminGame R (21 kills with the Chrome Shotgun)
Combat Rifle PeruIRVINZHITO (55 kills with the Combat Rifle)
Combat Shotgun ArgentinaAlexDVG (199 kills with the Combat Shotgun)
Commando Brazil•GrøünÐër• (236 kills with M16 Assault Rifle)
Crowbar PeruKenny (8 kills with the Crowbar)
Dr. Shocker PeruCrisDan JimBau (267 teammates defibrillated)
Field Medic ArgentinaCmdt. nenØ ツ (175 healed Survivors)
Fight fire with an axe El salvadorSrN2os (25 kills with the Fireaxe)
Fists of RAGGEE ArgentinaLuchoARG12 (1 melee kills)
GET OFF MY LAWN PeruInfernus2500 (2 gnome smash kills)
Going for a ride!    No Award Winner
Golf Club Perutu amiga?? (42 kills with the Golf Club)
Green can't be healthy.. United statesBoolit (13 tank bilebombs)
Ground Cover PeruSam_Aldair (5 rescued Survivors)
Hawk Eye United statesBoolit (64 kills with Hunting Rifle)
Helping Hand ChileEddy (179 revived Survivors)
Hi Dr. Nick! ArgentinaCmdt. nenØ ツ (3 kills with a First Aid Kit)
Hulk Smash!    No Award Winner
Hunter Punter RussiaApollon (131 killed Hunters)
Hunter Punter RussiaApollon (126 killed Jockeys)
Hunter Punter RussiaApollon (28 hunter punts)
Inquisitor RussiaApollon (12 killed Witches)
Katana PeruSam_Aldair (26 kills with the Katana)
Knife RussiaApollon (152 kills with the Knife)
Little Man Claws    No Award Winner
Lowest Ping United statesbigtree2x4 (27 ms average connection)
M60 JapanYaegeh (153 kills with M60)
Machete China不可名状的咸鱼 (45 kills with the Machete)
Magnum United statesBoolit (66 kills with the Magnum)
MP5 Navy United statesxHeadCasex (37 kills with mp5)
No One Left Behind Philippinessses dimaala (4 kills with Mounted Machine Gun)
No Smoking Section RussiaApollon (152 killed Smokers)
Open Season    No Award Winner
Protector RussiaApollon (152 hunter punts)
Pump It! MalaysiaZenyx (23 kills with Pump Shotgun)
Pyromaniac ArgentinaCmdt. nenØ ツ (391 cremated Infected)
Pyrotechnician UkraineScorpion (11 blown up Infected)
Rock Star    No Award Winner
Safety First RussiaДен (19 kills with Uzi)
Scout Elite PeruSnowBall (29 kills with scout)
SG 552 Brazil•GrøünÐër• (75 kills with sg552)
Slice and Dice United statesBoolit (25 kills with the Chainsaw)
Snap Crackle Pop PanamaTerpsichora (3 kills with fire crackers)
Sniper Rifle RussiaВий (143 kills with the Sniper Rifle)
Spit shine    No Award Winner
Spittle Splatter RussiaApollon (107 Spitters Splated)
Stomach Upset RussiaApollon (97 killed Boomers)
TAAN... What is this?!    No Award Winner
Tankbuster United statesBoolit (4 killed Tanks)
Those nails could kill    No Award Winner
Tonfa BoliviaNAIKERO (28 kills with the Tonfa)
Uzi (Silenced) Guatemaladaniel_yapan (49 kills with the Uzi (silenced))
Wayne's world party on! ArgentinaLuchoARG12 (17 kills with the Electric Guitar)

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